Random Thought! #41

Language Silent, sonant with script or without. The one to bind, and share not to divide or impair, the language of love is beautiful in each shape, form, font… embrace with open arms! Spoken or not it has the power to reach when transmitted correctly and received clearly. Language was born to bridge, to connect.

The Giving Life?

I bubble and boil and cause turmoil. Thickening hardening as I churn I cause pain, Oh! I burn. Bringing chaos, causing gloom… a sense of only doom. Yes I am this but also that; the one who alone for a fact, is the salve to soothe and calm. Protect, nurture, save from harm. You see…

Vicious Cycle

She was respected for her grace and loved for her charm. She was lusted upon for the treasures inborn. Men would kill one another for her attention, even if a cursory glance. But it didn’t matter to her, there was only one for whom her heart would dance… the hermit who lived at the edge…

The Monomyth

When every breath is laboured & you are tired from head to toe. When every step is a burden yet you push yourself to go. Deeply wounded still you fight and keep doing what is right. Unknown, uncared, unsung, there may be no glory, nevertheless you are… the hero of your story.

Happy Friendship Day!

Happy Friendship Day! To the friends far away. You are in my heart and in thoughts too. Life wouldn’t be as wonderful as it is with you. Wish we were still closer, sharing as before. Hope this pandemic will soon be a lore. Wish you happiness and wish you well. And we stay bound with…

How are you?

“How are you?”, asked mom dad.Do you have enough? Are you well fed?Oh yes! Don’t you worry, the larder’s full and am having chicken curry.“How are you?”, asked my sis and my bro.Do you have enough? Want us to send some dough?Oh I’m good! Don’t you worry,work is good and I have to hurry.“How are…

The True Me?

Sometimes I wonder if I really know myself, especially when questions like these plague me.

A Wish

The scheduled post for today was something else but then since my children are writing their board exams and today they write their Science paper thought of posting this poem for them. Many of them keep bringing their slam books for me to write in and my wish for each of them is the same….