Random Thought! #39

Blamed of burning, the fire burns too. Fret you, fume you, and fight you. Complain, compare, and clash I do. Hard, harsh and hopeless, but every time i consume, me too.

Random Thought! #38

Her comments were vitriolic, His responses caustic. Between them they shared… great Chemistry!

If only

If only, we could be the opposite poles but not on opposite poles. If only, we could be the opposite charges and not charging at one another. If only, there was a point of intersection and not a point of diversion. If only, we could be different from each other and not indifferent to. A…

Life is but a transverse wave!

Saturday I was up till late. It was a long night first spent correcting papers and then began the spell of queasiness and questioning. What is life? Where am I headed in life? What exactly do I want from it? And is it really as good as people make it out to be? I am…