Random Thought! #48

A riot of emotions in the heart and head The clouds of doubt streaked with light Feelings thunder some rise, some ebb Unaware, untold what stays is the moistness!

Random Thought! #47

I was born perfect. My little imperfections? Well, They are the favourites, I picked on the way! 😃

Random Thought! #46

It mends again; no matter how many times you break my heart. That’s the power of your love; it heals me, every time.

Random Thought! #44

The world was her oyster and yet her precious pearls had no takers in the land she longed to call her home.

Random Thought! #43

Daydreams and castles floating in the air, Make believes that keep away despair. A soul lost in hoping forever. Let it go, she is told. But not to the dead does life unfold? So, there were mixed reactions when I wrote this one; veering on two extreme ends. Want you to comment what you think…

Random Thought! #42

Not alone but a lone one in this jungle. And that puts me in the apex position! 😛

Random Thought! #41

Language Silent, sonant with script or without. The one to bind, and share not to divide or impair, the language of love is beautiful in each shape, form, font… embrace with open arms! Spoken or not it has the power to reach when transmitted correctly and received clearly. Language was born to bridge, to connect.

Random Thought! #41

All the world’s a stage and we play our parts; unaware of the screenplay, improvising on the go. Life is a great drama as it unfolds. Enjoy the show!Happy World Theatre Day!!

Random Thought! #40

Even when lightyears apart, the hope that the light will eventually reach stays!

Random Thought! #38

Her comments were vitriolic, His responses caustic. Between them they shared… great Chemistry!