A Hug In A Mug!

I am a milk person; having grown up drinking milk in one go, the bottoms up style, given the race between me and my brothers in our childhood. Coffee is something I keep for occasional drinking when I am in a mood for a good conversation or want to savour the weather, rainy or cold….

“For you, a thousand times over.”

Last Wednesday was Makar Sankranti, to celebrate Sun’s transit into Capricorn marking the end of winter solstice. The festival is celebrated in many different forms across all parts of India with much fervour as a harvest festival and kite flying is an integral part of this celebration in many parts of India. Come Makar Sankranti,…

Inventiveness – newness revisited.

Every Friday, in my previous school, a teacher addressed the assembly on the value of the fortnight. I was asked to give my ‘Teacher Talk’, on the above topic. I chanced to come across what I had shared in the assembly that day, two years back and share it here today. A very good morning…


Today happens to be the day Jesus was baptised, presented to the Magi and is celebrated as Epiphany. The prefix ‘epi’ means over or upon hence the terms epidermis, epidemic etc. Talking of birth can death be far behind? So, the word epitaph came to my mind; which is a short quote or thought that…

Random Thought! #24

Who are we? Just a ripple on the surface of lifeā€¦. capable of creating tsunamis. Yet carrying self imposed burdens, to overshadow our joy of living.


Yesterday I planted a seed of happiness and hope too. Today it’s blooming out of earth. especially for you! May it bring you peace and joy, and much luck and love. And also many blessings from Above! Happy New Year!