Ventilator in My Chest

It all happened so suddenly and all was lost in a matter of days. Three days exactly because the fourth was spent in donating your organs. Eight people were getting a new lease of life elsewhere while life was ebbing away from you. I know you would not have gone if it were in your…

Music to my Soul

I surround myself with people and occupy myself with work.I do my best to keep away from you. And yet you keep playing in my mind like a background score, just because the thought of you is music to my soul.

Without You.

The rains are back, so won’t you return too? To be by my side, laughing & supporting as you used to. The rain gods cry and so do I for those moments that I now live without you.

Where is Benin?

One thing that I love about WordPress is the world map that it shows. For those who are not on WordPress, it is an analytics feature which shows the countries from where a hit that is a post view has taken place. Currently my analytics show 36 countries from all around. Now, I loved geography…

Caught on Quota

Mark Ryan is a fellow blogger I follow at is a sensitive writer whose writing mostly leans towards the painful, brooding, melancholic yet insightful kind. There’s a lot of sadness in his poetry and it does get to me at times. Just today I came across the following quote by Kierkegaard, “What is a poet?…

Random Thoughts! #3

Beaten again but not brokenBecause I’m not hard and brittleDon’t go by my appearanceYes, I am flattened to earth againBut you forgot, I am malleable.

A Noisy Picnic

A few days back I saw a heartwarming advertisement on Facebook. It is an ice cream advert showing a kid whose mother encourages him to learn the sign language to make friends with a differently abled new kid in the neighbourhood. Not only is the video touching but also thought provoking.The advert reminded me of…


The emptiness in my heart,will now be a permanent partof the life that I have to live through.You are gone to the ether self,leaving your fragrance behind.And I’ll keep searching for you.