A Six Word Memoir

Recently I came to know of something called a ‘Six Word Memoir’ on one of the blogs on WordPress. I loved what the blogger had written and looked up to know more about it. And I found that it is something that the author Author Ernest Hemingway was challenged to write, an impossibly short story…

Late Night Messages

“You check messages late night too!😃” asked a friend after seeing my response at 03:03 hrs. Yes, I do. Have received some of the best and the worst messages at such hours was my response to her remark. And this took me back in time to reminisce about the late night soirees and indulge myself…

Random Thought! #41

Language Silent, sonant with script or without. The one to bind, and share not to divide or impair, the language of love is beautiful in each shape, form, font… embrace with open arms! Spoken or not it has the power to reach when transmitted correctly and received clearly. Language was born to bridge, to connect.

The Treasure Chest

This is all I have today, a chest full of longing. Wondering, wandering, in search of what’s gone. Why is everything empty?Wish you would come,and together we could fill itwith the treasures of happiness and laughter…one more time!