Random Thoughts! #9

Sleep is the remedy for a tired body, not for the soul that is battered and swollen. When one loses everything, sleep too gets stolen.

Post 101

This post was supposed to be something deep, insightful, heartfelt, happy, grateful and if I could have my way, a post I fancied would launch me to instant stardom and recognition… a post that would bring me many congratulations. Ironically, it is none of these.I remember it was some time in April that I had…

Newton’s First Law

Remember Newton’s First Law of Motion? Check the video to revisit the law once again 😀 A body in a state of rest continues to be in a state of rest unless some external unbalanced force acts on it. This state of rest is called inertia.


Bound by this machine of bones and muscles. She fulfills her duty of living. Waiting to be retired from the job of breathing for those who are equally keen to say goodbye. But have to bear with her because she is the need of the hour. Only time will know who was happier to see…


She always had the spark but it never shone through. Others were not so sure but she definitely knew. And then it started to happen, accolades came, praises poured, she had raised the bar. Unaffected she meandered, the lonely star. “Are you not happy? She had nothing to say. They wished her glory, she smiled…


A poem full of promise is worth reblogging!

Random Thoughts! #8

These are not just rains but a downpour of passion, burning me with desires. Wherever you touch, you will find…a molten me.

Doomed to be a Philosopher!

Recently my blog was visited by another blogger who not only liked many of my posts but also started following it. As a courtesy I too visited her blog and found that this one wrote about all things philosophical. Now I am one of those people who absolutely shuns philosophy because I cannot sit quietly…

Random Thoughts! #7

Every breath is laboured yet I pull the burden of my cross and drag on… bleeding, sweating, hurting deeply as the shackles of life dig deep and pierce my soul questioning the purpose of my living. A big thank you to Mark Ryan, https://havocandconsequence.wordpress.com/ for helping with the cover image.