The Journey Begins

“Soan, you write well! Write, we’ll get it published.” This used to be Abhay’s statement whenever I read out something new that I’d written. “But what do I write about? There has to be something, I can’t just start writing and what do I write?” used to be my standard reply. “Write a book on…


Once again, I was away from my blog for a really long time. Haven’t been this inactive ever, but things were happening fast. Some good, some not so good. There were periods of elation, adventure and celebration, yet also confusion, heartbreak, grief, listlessness and despondency. Of late, I was not feeling too good about myself,…

Random Thought! #49

Barium disodium is not possible because all the three atoms give readily but none is ready to accept. Either a mutual give and take has to take place or sharing has to happen for a strong bond. The world wouldn’t go bananas if humans understood what universe understands at atomic level.

Random Thought! #48

A riot of emotions in the heart and head The clouds of doubt streaked with light Feelings thunder some rise, some ebb Unaware, untold what stays is the moistness!

Random Thought! #47

I was born perfect. My little imperfections? Well, They are the favourites, I picked on the way! 😃

Random Thought! #46

It mends again; no matter how many times you break my heart. That’s the power of your love; it heals me, every time.

QR Coded

Shubham and I were at loggerheads again; nothing new we keep doing that a lot of time! We basically are calm creatures, he an affable bull and I a balanced scale but all hell breaks loose when we have to work together. Usually it stems from something that I need done. We do not see…


My school entered its Silver Jubilee year this Thursday, that is on 14th July. We usually have the investiture ceremony of the Student Council on this day along with the customary pooja and prayers. We also have ‘Ignite’, a competition amongst the school teachers. It is a kind of brainstorming session to see where we…

A Random Post!

One can be happy 😀 or just be glad, 😊Totally okay to cry 😭 and feel sad. 😥Dancing 💃🏿 is fine and celebrating too. ☕🥂Also fun to express the goofy you!🙊🙈Send love, 🥰 hugs 🤗and kisses 😘to someone ❤Be the devil 😈😡🤬that too is fun! 😎Applause, 👏 chocolates 🍫 and flowers tooo 🌹💐🌹or just a…

Random Thought! #45

Woke up again with your name on my lips. Knowing full well you won’t be there. Still looking for you for the girl in me still believes in miracles….

The L(a/o)st Leaf

So, my word well dried again. I did think of digging deeper, pushing myself harder and collect some words to make a full post but it did not happen. I kept pushing the writing for later as I felt too burnt out to come up with anything worth sharing. Yet i diligently paid a visit…