The period of nine months is something I give a lot of importance to. It is symbolic of a new beginning to me.
We were told that we would be different people after we completed our B.Ed. course from C.I.E., Delhi University. One of the faculty members had promised that we would be reborn and I did find a lot of change in me after nine months of the course.
Then there were the nine months before we got to meet Shubham in real. He is my most valued treasure, pleasure and a measure of my pride.  And the past nine months have been a journey of self realization, self discovery, truly a re-birth.
Abhay used to say, “Let life hit me; the deeper I fall, the higher I’ll bounce back.” Today, I too try to bounce back to life, phoenix like.

— A. Shruti, March 27, 2019

Who I am

A writer by heart, a teacher by choice and a foodie by passion, that’s how I would like to introduce Shruti. Always pursuing her creative interests, she firmly believes that a life spent in yearning, learning and earning is a life well spent. She yearns to be a writer & also to serve the society. She is constantly learning and reinventing herself and believes a lot in earning. To her, earning is not only monetary. She believes in earning friends, respect and love and prefers investing her time and energy in people whenever required and possible.
A voracious reader, a passionate cook and an on the spur poet. Her poems have been published in a Coffee Table Book by poetry.com, an American portal. Ever a willing partner, she seeks friendship to meet like minded people and serve the society.
A proud mother, she feels that it is our love, support and unending faith in her that makes her what she is.

— Late Mr. Abhay Parasnis