A Six Word Memoir

Recently I came to know of something called a ‘Six Word Memoir’ on one of the blogs on WordPress. I loved what the blogger had written and looked up to know more about it. And I found that it is something that the author Author Ernest Hemingway was challenged to write, an impossibly short story narrated in just six words. Hemingway being the writer that he was wrote,

“For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

In 2006, SmithMag.net writer and editor Larry Smith sent forth a challenge to Internet users everywhere: Write their own super-short story, but this time as a biography. The six-word memoir was born.

I am in awe of people who can write succinctly because I write long sentences even if not very flowery and sometimes those long sentences are not as effective as a short one. I respect people who are articulate with minimal words. It must take a lot of prowess with the words to be frugal and yet coherent. I have a friend who is extremely good at it; sometimes to the point of exasperation specially when a lengthy message or mail is responded with a little Ok.

Yet, I appreciate people’s ability to use minimal words. There’s another story that my father had narrated to me once. He had mentioned the narrative to be around G. B. Shaw but I found while checking on the internet that it is President Calvin Coolidge, known as “Silent Cal” for his reserved nature around whom the anecdote revolves. The story goes like,

Once there was a dinner party during which the person sitting adjacent to the Coolidge said: “Mr. President I’ve made a large bet that I would be able to make you say more than two words.” Coolidge considered this proposition carefully and then replied slowly and emphatically, “You lose.”

I wondered if I could ever write something so short? I thought and this is what I could come up with. What would be yours?

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