Let’s get ‘Santa’mental!

A few days before Christmas I saw a reel on Instagram where a child asked his father if Santa was real. The father responded in the affirmative but could not give a convincing answer. The child then went to Alexa and asked if reindeer could fly and Alexa informed that reindeer could not fly. The child made his connection and screamed that Santa was not real since he could not ride his sleigh as reindeer cannot fly.

Every year around Christmas this question is floated again and again by children whether Santa is real or not and the parents try to convince their children in whatever way possible. Wanting to preserve their childhood memories and pass on the belief in miracles, telling that Santa is real who gets impressed by good behaviour, trying to inculcate values and morals. Hence, there are a number of stories of kindness and sharing around Christmas which we read and share in the spirit of the festival.

My 10 year old nephew, wanting a new bat for himself from Santa, asked the same question to his father to which he gave a beautiful reply and that is what I want to share with you all.

He told that Santa was real but not as the old bearded man, dressed in red that we all know. Historically that Santa is inspired from the fourth century Christian St. Nicholas while the character and the story around him is completely fictional.

He then asked his son if he got the bat he so dearly wished for? My nephew responded excitedly that he did and then he said that he was lucky to have a Santa in his mother who had got it for him. He concluded with the thought, “Anyone can be a Santa— because whoever makes you smile is a Santa.”

How true! There are multiple Santas around us who keep sending gifts our way. The gifts of love, concern, guidance, kindness to make us feel happy and special. The parents who helped us make our dreams turn into reality, the friends who helped us sail through rough times, the teachers who guided, the siblings who supported, the strangers who just went out of their way to help. The world is full of Santas, not only because the people all over are kind but also because each one of us has a Santa within.

Santa Claus is not the name of a person rather I see it as a characteristic of the human kind. It is not a proper noun but the proper way each of us is born to be; and is and experiences.

I hope that everyone found at least one Santa this year to thank and I pray that the coming year makes you experience the spirit of Santa throughout the year. Happy New Year!  

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  1. What a beautiful response! I know I’m blessed with some special Santas in my life!


    1. A. Shruti says:

      Yes! We all are blessed to have someone around to play the Santa for us. Thank you.


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