Random Thought! #47

I was born perfect. My little imperfections? Well, They are the favourites, I picked on the way! 😃

Random Thought! #46

It mends again; no matter how many times you break my heart. That’s the power of your love; it heals me, every time.

QR Coded

Shubham and I were at loggerheads again; nothing new we keep doing that a lot of time! We basically are calm creatures, he an affable bull and I a balanced scale but all hell breaks loose when we have to work together. Usually it stems from something that I need done. We do not see…

Only One Earth

This is the theme for this year’s Environment Day celebrations. The day is being celebrated on 5th June since 1974 though the Day was established in 1972 to raise awareness about the degradation of our environment and to encourage people to take positive actions in protecting our environment.I have always been very conscious about the…

A Six Word Memoir

Recently I came to know of something called a ‘Six Word Memoir’ on one of the blogs on WordPress. I loved what the blogger had written and looked up to know more about it. And I found that it is something that the author Author Ernest Hemingway was challenged to write, an impossibly short story…

Random Thought! #40

Even when lightyears apart, the hope that the light will eventually reach stays!

Life is but a transverse wave!

Saturday I was up till late. It was a long night first spent correcting papers and then began the spell of queasiness and questioning. What is life? Where am I headed in life? What exactly do I want from it? And is it really as good as people make it out to be? I am…

Let’s get ‘Santa’mental!

A few days before Christmas I saw a reel on Instagram where a child asked his father if Santa was real. The father responded in the affirmative but could not give a convincing answer. The child then went to Alexa and asked if reindeer could fly and Alexa informed that reindeer could not fly. The…

Random Thought! #35

She knew the world was better without her yet lived on shamelessly, to be pushed away because even death didn’t want her. Her breath continued… to make a noise.

A Slice of My Past!

I got my house redone and painted in the month of March and most of the redundant things have been gotten rid of. But then, there are things which have nothing more than sentimental value and we tend to keep them for the simple reason that we cannot think of parting with them or throwing…