Today happens to be the day Jesus was baptised, presented to the Magi and is celebrated as Epiphany. The prefix ‘epi’ means over or upon hence the terms epidermis, epidemic etc. Talking of birth can death be far behind? So, the word epitaph came to my mind; which is a short quote or thought that is inscribed on one’s tombstone. Incidentally, there is a “National Write Your Own Epitaph Day”  too which is celebrated on the 2nd of November. Like Abhay, I too would want my organs to be donated and then whatever is left to be cremated in an electric crematorium for all the eco-friendly reasons. But I did think of how would I want my ‘epitaph’ to be read. And this is what I might want it to be read as,

Homeward bound….. I leave the luggage and carry only that which will be worthwhile. Sorry if I hurt you, happy if I made your day, grateful for all that you gave me….it was the best in every way! No regrets, no complaints only glad to have crossed the paths with you. Stay blessed!

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