Random Thought! #44

The world was her oyster and yet her precious pearls had no takers in the land she longed to call her home.

Random Thought! #43

Daydreams and castles floating in the air, Make believes that keep away despair. A soul lost in hoping forever. Let it go, she is told. But not to the dead does life unfold? So, there were mixed reactions when I wrote this one; veering on two extreme ends. Want you to comment what you think…

Random Thought! #42

Not alone but a lone one in this jungle. And that puts me in the apex position! 😛

Random Thought! #40

Even when lightyears apart, the hope that the light will eventually reach stays!

Random Thought! #37

The phoenix incinerates with its touch not out of malice but because it is born from its ashes to keep the fire burning. We all are born with the ability but are ignorant of the fire within. Be dazzled, dazed like the fireflies but remember that we are born to spread the light and not…

Random Thought! #34

How I wish wants, feelings, dreams and desires were tangible objects… Would have kept them locked or thrown them away. Maybe broken into little pieces and crushed to powder. And mixed with soil to sow the seeds of happiness and grow trees of satisfaction on the debris of desires.

Random Thought! #33

Words go missing; the ink dries in pen. The reason to write is not found often. Don’t I have, anything to say? Nah! The voice doesn’t want to make any sound not for lack of listeners around. The words will be read and heard but it would all be absurd because the hands are tied…

Random Thought! #32

Stay good, stay happy! Wherever you are…. Waking up to the darkness within where the sun cannot reach. Breathing the same stale air, disappointing and sad. The goodness around, the joys of life fall on a mind that’s dumb. No warmth, no feelings, a sensation so numb; she doesn’t feel even the burden of living.

Random Thought! #31

Yes we need all the people but sometimes you need only that one person, the most special one. There’s so much to say, all thoughts but no words. Wish you were here to know and understand or do you? Deep thoughts, strong feelingsbut no words to say.Wish you were hereto see that look, feel that…

Random Thought! #25

The head is a noisy place and there’s a cacophony of sounds at play. There are always ideas bubbling, thoughts brimming, conversations happening. There are jeers and cheers and a lot of chaos and then one fine day you wake up to nothingness. No sound, no thought not even a whisper and then my still…