The Evil Dragon Of Treasure Island by Luke Grindatto & Ahaan Sah

Chapter 9: Night time   

It was night time! Now what were Kyle and Roger going to do? They quietly exited the dragon’s room and walked down the hall of the temple which led to the lava room again. But what they didn’t know was that this time, the lava turned into water because there were no guardians, but still it looked like lava. This time, the troll was sleeping in his bed in the lava! They walked forward as they entered that door. It was a booby trap! Why would the troll protect them? Roger was confused. It led them to another room, which led to another room, and  so on. Now Kyle was confused. They hadn’t noticed that each room was getting more and more realistic lava. By the end of the last room, it just led them back in a circle. “What to do next?” wondered Kyle with a desperate look on his face. Roger replied, “Kyle, we can’t turn back. We’ll just keep going.” “Hmmm maybe we can try this.” said Kyle. “Why don’t we go back to that troll and steal his clothes. You pretend to be him and go to the dragon and make him give you the gold!” “That sounds fun!” said Roger and they went back to the troll. When they had reached past the never ending rooms, they stole the Troll’s clothes and then Roger put them on and went in the room. Next, he came up to the dragon’s table and sat by him. The dragon said, “What?” In his crackling voice Roger said “GIMME YER GOLD BUB!” “Well well well troll why should I do that?” the dragon asked. Roger says, “Well because I’m not the troll, I’m Super Roger!” Then he punched the dragon and ran out. The dragon chased after him.  

Chapter 10: The Battle  

The dragon was big and heavy while Roger was small and fast. Overall, the dragon had the lesser advantages of winning this fight against now known as Super Roger. Super Roger then put on his super gloves and went onto the battlefield. Since the dragon had never come out of his room before, he was surprised and slow. Meanwhile, Roger had set up some booby traps because he had a little extra time on his hands since it took 10 minutes just for the dragon to arrive at the battlefield. But still, the dragon had the mightiest sword ever which was made of gold. As the battle had just begun, one swing of the dragon’s sword and Roger would have gotten swiped! But Roger had booby traps on his hands so the dragon swung but as he swung a carton of eggs fell on his head. “HA!” said Roger. Roger got him! Then the dragon swung again and Roger dodged it but the dragon slipped on ice! After that, the dragon swung again! He missed and then the rainbow from earlier smacked him in his big belly! He ran away again as he yelled, “MOMMY! MOMMY !MOMMY!!!” Kyle and Roger ran off and went all the way back to the troll, gave him his clothes and went to the gold room, all the gold was gone!  

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