The Evil Dragon Of Treasure Island by Luke Grindatto & Ahaan Sah

Chapter 7: The Special Pegasus  

Kyle then whispered quietly to Roger, “Bro. Come on! Think!” Roger ignorantly gave a scoff as a whatever sign to Kyle. Kyle got really mad and then ran away from Roger, even though the note in the Dragon’s Room which led to the Room of Gold said to stick to each other, which clearly Kyle was not following. As Kyle exited the room of Pegasus, Roger followed his footsteps. There was also the horse’s footsteps, which didn’t exactly look the same. But right then, Roger tried to follow the horse’s footsteps on purpose to teach Kyle a good lesson. But instead, it led Roger to a big room with a small bridge and on the ground was lava! That’s where the horse had fallen! They almost made it to the end but a little alive lawn troll was guarding the end of the bridge. He pushed Kyle and Roger and said, “DO NOT CROSS!” And then he walked back but Roger went forward running saying, “Who cares about the little troll?” The dragon then caught Roger from around the corner as everyone looked super surprised that he was awake. The dragon took him to a pitch-black room full of rats. He yelled, “HELP! HELP! HELP! HELP!” The Pegasus then came to the door and banged with it’s hooves. The little troll and the Pegasus coughed. Kyle was alone and scared!   

Chapter 8: The Scary Room With Rats!  

As Roger walked from side to side, chittering his legs as if he were caught in the grasp of a rat, he finally moved. He then said to himself, “Roger, this will not do.” He spoke supposedly loud, which woke up a rat. The rat then saw the legs of this man, and started chittering really loud, which then woke up the other rats. The king rat gave a signal to everybody that this person, (Roger) was intruding their land! The rats got all their weapons ready. Roger looked back, but that was the totally wrong thing to do! The rats then launched their attack. What was Roger gonna do now? He tried exiting the room, but instead slammed his face into the door since it was dark. His face was swelling up and now looked weird. It then scared the rats! They opened the door for him. They did not want to see him anymore so he got out and ran around looking and looking for Kyle. Eventually, he found him in the corner eating his fingernails! After they walked down the hall and saw the dragon eating dinner, they figured it would get scarier because it was night time!  

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