The Evil Dragon Of Treasure Island by Luke Grindatto & Ahaan Sah

Chapter 6: The Room Of Gold

When they reached the room of gold, they were so happy. Kyle smiled a sinister smile even though he wasn’t evil. He picked up a few gold bars, threw them onto the Pegasus, and explored some more in the specialty of the Room Of Gold! Meanwhile, the Pegasus just couldn’t hold on the weight of gold any longer and the fell down into a pile of gold bars! Kyle then said, “Now since our special Pegasus fell down, there’s nothing that we can do.” Roger then suggested just to make Kyle feel a little better, “Maybe we picked the wrong one. That maybe is not the God Pegasus. The God Pegasus is still in that room. Let’s try picking another one from the Room of Gold.” Right then, Roger and Kyle walked back down the aisle and reached that room full of Pegasus! They picked the one, (which turned out to be the special Pegasus!!) but they didn’t know it was the special one that never lost it’s energy.  

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