The Evil Dragon Of Treasure Island by Luke Grindatto & Ahaan Sah

Chapter 5: The Pegasus’s Gold   
The Pegasus fly to a room full of gold. When Kyle and Roger saw it, they were blacked out. It was a dragon! He had a big belly. He was sleeping, and snoring like a monster! They were actually almost deafened by the snoring noise of that dragon! Suddenly, they heard a faint voice. It was a big yell. Soon it got louder and louder. They were almost deafened again. Kyle then said, while Roger was totally creeped out, “Roger, if we can make this 7-foot jump over the dragon, then we can unlock that door.” Roger said, “But where’s the golden key?” Then they read a note that was just passed over. It said that the dragon was sleeping on the golden key. The only way to lift the dragon was by a special rainbow horse that you saw in the other room. Roger dropped the note, then sat down. Kyle had an ingenious idea of trying to get the rainbow horse by flying a Pegasus to the room. After that, they would fly back. So they did. They had the rainbow but they did not know how to use it. Then, one of the Pegasus grabbed it with it’s mouth and poked the dragon in his big belly. The dragon woke up and then the Pegasus smiled at Kyle. They got the key and opened the door and were in the ROOM OF GOLD!  

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