Post 101

This post was supposed to be something deep, insightful, heartfelt, happy, grateful and if I could have my way, a post I fancied would launch me to instant stardom and recognition… a post that would bring me many congratulations. Ironically, it is none of these.
I remember it was some time in April that I had stumbled upon a blog where the blogger had written a beautiful 100th post, summing up all that had happened between the 1st and the 100th and mentioning about the posts that were close to his heart. Reading that I had thought about my 100th post as I was somewhere around my sixty something. I did think that I will say thank you to fellow bloggers and others who read and like and comment and appreciate my mediocre writing and write something that would make a worthy 100th post to read but did not actually lose sleep over it as I was a good thirty odd posts away and there was enough time to mull over.
Yesterday, I got the little pink dot as soon as I uploaded my latest ScientyKids YouTube video on the blog . I happily went to check who had liked or commented and there was this message from Word Press,

“You’ve made 100 posts on Soans Rezones.”

Yay! I exulted and even before I could soak in the warmth of achievement, I plunged into despair having missed writing my much promised 100th post. Oh no! Luckily, the scales of my zodiac were not in the mood to stay down and jumped back up and here I am writing my 101st post. So, what does one write in the 101st blogpost?
A thank you for sure to everyone and a little more gratitude to fellow bloggers for broadening my horizon by sharing their thoughts not only through their blogs but also through their comments and in some cases through mails too.
If I were to write about my posts, I have no clue how to rate them. Do I rate them by the number of views or likes or comments? There are posts that have gone unnoticed but I feel were good and then there are those which have become blockbusters by the standards of this blog but might not have been a reason to rejoice. I remember meeting a rangoli artist once, who is well known for making huge creations which take up days to complete but can not be preserved for eternity. I asked if he didn’t feel bad when the display time was over and the creation was to be swept away? He replied that he never stayed that long to know what happened to the rangoli once it was done. His job was to make and move. Taking cue from that, I will not want to rate any of my posts. They had to take birth and they did, now whether they became beautiful or were ignored or if they are not note worthy, then that does not matter because they were most important to me when I wrote them and I treasure their conception in the album of my memories.
Now being a teacher, I know that 101 stands for any introductory course at a beginner level. So, I begin again and hope to write something worthwhile for my next 100th post. Speaking of 101, my mind is constantly going to ‘101 Dalmatians’. Now, Dalmatians are highly energetic, intelligent and sensitive dogs. So, I promise myself to work doggedly and hope to write an awesome post for my next 100th.

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