A poem full of promise is worth reblogging!

Havoc and Consequence

No more sadness behind these abandoned eyes.
You licked them away in the night.
Banishing the shadows of things.
Hunted them down like game.
You love me all the same.
Your lips encapsulate and intensify.
Securing me like an air lock.
Breathing life into my world.
And now I see inside.
A million stars like a sea of diamonds.
Traveling their way to your titanium heart.
A place and space that I’m welcomed inside.
On my boat made of promises.
Thick like reeds and just as sturdy.
You are the one. The one I call home.
A mirror image of all I wish to be.
Strung out and hung up within me.
Then your kiss will me under.
Down, covered in mother of pearl and oceanic sounds.
To lie with you on the star strewn ocean floor of eternity.
Covered in diamond shells.
Forever you.

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