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The best thing about teaching is that you keep getting great ideas being with kids. Luckily, I come in the acceptable teacher category and hence children come and confide in me their thoughts and ideas. Now if you have a son who only speaks of making games and pop culture references, I have to know his reality and pay undivided attention. So, my students feel that I’m cool because I know about PUBG and CS and Skyrim, and also some of the memes and anime that they follow. But today’s kids are not only about games and tech; they are really smart and know their stuff well.
The blogs of some of my students and other young bloggers astound me. I am amazed by their language, maturity and their views about the world; their writing is deep and insightful. Many a times I feel my writing inconsequential compared to them, yet in Shubham’s words, my writing is like homemade biryani, nothing fanciful but satisfying. See what I mean? I would have never come up with such an analogy! Coming back to the point, there’s this blogger I have recently started following. She goes by the name ‘Insider’ and I was reading her post at
In the post she narrated how she and her classmates were asked to narrate ‘The most tragic incident that has happened in my life’ as a part of listening and speaking activity. And she wondered whether their clapping after someone narrated his/her tragedy was justified. So, she asked another classmate and he replied that it took courage to speak out one’s tragedy and she figured that he was commending the courage that everyone showed by speaking about it.
Clapping is a thing done without much thought, but her views touched my heart because it reminded me of a fairly recent incident. Many a times I put my verses, poems on ‘YourQuote’ and a very sensitive soul commented on one of my posts, “I am not able to bring myself to LIKE your posts… Because they make me see the ache, the state of your heart and my likes are not likes but a way of saying, “I hear you, dear.”
Clapping on hearing someone’s tragedy or liking someone’s sad poem shows a sensitive side of you telling the other person that you care. Many of my initial posts and most of my poems are not about my love for writing but an outpouring, more like a way to vent and express, a way of telling myself to get up and get going and of trying to be happy by reliving the lost moments. I write because I promised myself that I will, if it happens to touch someone else and gets appreciated or inspires, it’s a bonus.
I’ll take this moment to thank all my followers and all those who liked or commented and still do to show your understanding and listening to me as I pour out my feelings and thoughts through words. Because I totally agree with what the Insider says about hearing and listening. What? Read it yourself at:

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  1. Insider says:

    Ma’am thank you so much for linking my post and I definitely agree with your son on the comment he made about your writing. I really enjoyed the post it made me feel something I was beginning to forget. The last paragraph was the highlight of this post and it’s nice to see people sharing what they feel.

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  2. A. Shruti says:

    It was very thoughtful of you to like and give such a positive comment on a post that happened to be incomplete when it got published. Regret that the remainder of the post remained unpublished due to a misplaced exclamation mark.
    Lesson learnt, one needs to be careful while exclaiming. Ironical, it happened with this post! 😀

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    1. Insider says:

      Ma’am even when the post was incomplete it made me smile and even when it was completed it made me smile. Thank you for the suprise at the end of the post, really appreciate it. I look forward to reading more from you 😊

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