Expressing Matters

I want to start with thanks for the positive reception that I’ve been getting on the blog. There are likes, comments and personal posts of appreciation on WhatsApp and Facebook and each of them means a lot to me. One common refrain across all remarks is that I write from my heart.
I remember having read somewhere that it was a shame when the things on ones mind and heart did not reach ones lips. I found it very profound and told the same to Abhay. To this he added that awareness of ones real feelings was more important and they should reach the lips. We had a long discussion, because I felt that I would have certain feelings in heart and mind only if I felt that way and he argued that they won’t be there if I was not aware of them. To prove his point he asked me which was my favourite egg dish. “Scrambled eggs,” was my pat reply. He looked deep into my eyes and questioned, “Then why do you always ask for an omelette, whenever you want to eat eggs?” It was then that I realized that I was not in sync with my own true self. So, what is in the head and heart makes a difference only if one is aware of ones true feelings.
Today, I know the true me with all my abilities and shortcomings. And, I do not shy away from expressing myself when I feel the need. This blog is a medium of expression for me and hence it comes from the heart.
There was a time when I was this timid girl who was trapped in the ‘good girl image’s and wanted to please every one. Now, it’s a given in the Indian society that a woman who doesn’t know her mind is a ‘good woman’. The girls in this country are taught to not be vocal about their feelings and emotions. They are taught early in life to be adjustable, giving and responsible. Even today, the mindset hasn’t changed much. I meet at least a couple of parents every Open Day who ask me to put some sense in their daughters’ heads because they don’t know how to keep quiet.
I did not know my likes and dislikes, my favourite and not so favourite colour, food, and other such things, when I got married. It was Abhay who introduced the real Sona to me. He taught me to be in sync with my feelings and learn to express them. In short, he helped me become the woman that I am today.
Every human being has the right to express openly and one should exercise it for sure. Yes, one must exercise prudence in ones choice of words, expression and tone. Being polite, respectful and articulate helps but it is most important to know ones mind and heart and expressing it with feelings. A connection is made every time it reaches the right person and strikes the right chord. There will be people who would either fail to understand what you want to convey or would not want to understand for their own reasons. It doesn’t matter whether you strike a chord or not, at least there’s the satisfaction of having said what you wanted to and what was needed.
Recently, I connected with a past student of mine who writes with passion but was nervous about how people would receive it. After we went back and forth over a few mails, he is no longer worried about the same. This incidence along with a few personal experiences are the reason I am writing this post today. So, boys, girls and everyone out there go on and express yourself to the world in whichever way you want. But most of all, know yourself, know what you want and then state it from the heart, with confidence. I choose to do it with words, you may find your expression in some other creative way. There is no harm in stating what’s in your heart as far as it doesn’t cause hurt to anyone.

I feel expressing matters, let’s express ourselves while staying true to who are.

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