Happy birthday, baby!


The idea for this book came last year. The letters were collected for Shubham’s seventeenth birthday and were to be compiled into a book. The gift got delayed by a year but it is finally here. A big thank you to everyone who contributed to this book, from the title on the cover to the last page.

Hey Chooks, Cheekoo, Chooki, Shubh, Shubhi but most of all my baby!
I vividly remember our first meeting. There I was looking intently at the screen to discern you with my unpracticed eyes in the gray visual of my first sonography. The technician was trying to show you to me and you started jumping, as if on cue to say your first hi! Ironically our first meeting was on the screen. I saw the many phases of you from comma, to the  stick and ball model to the last sonography where you high fived me on the screen. Finally you  came out of the virtual world and made your real appearance and looked intently at me with your teddy eyes, only they were gray not dark brown. You were an angel of a child and it was a delight to be your Mumma.

You never gave me the usual baby troubles, tantrums or tensions. Yours was a different case all together. Once you were upset because a chick was staring at you and not following its Mumma Hen, at another instance you wished to have the long hands of the law to pick up a remote that had fallen down the sofa. In all you were always smarter than other kiddos your age.

I remember one evening when you must be two or three, you came to me after your outing with Azoba and asked me when was Mother’s Day? I asked you why and you told me because you wanted to give me a surprise. On asking what it was you showed a small piece of paper in your little hands with a heart drawn around the words ‘love you mom’. I told you that it was on 19th May since I became a Mumma on that day. So a very Happy 17th Mother’s Day to me. I am a credit taking mean mother hehehe!   

Baby! In all these years you have seen many faces of me and you have liked or disliked them from time to time and situation to situation. We have teamed up like a gang of rogues, quarreled like siblings, fought like real opponents and have kissed and forgiven like friends. But when have we acted like a mother and son? Well! I have acted like a mother whenever I have gone ahead making you do what I felt was right for you whether you liked it or not. Cheekoo, I have immense faith in your potential and trust in your abilities. I know  you are filled with self doubt at times but believe me, even if you are not so sure. Do you know about the musk deer? It’s musk gland is the most expensive animal product in the world because of its fragrance. The deer keeps wandering in search of the fragrance not knowing that it is within him what he’s searching all around. You too are like the musk deer. You are surprised when good things happen to you, luck favours you or you achieve things that seem to be impossible not knowing that it is the magic of your capacity and capabilities that turns things around in your favour.  I know that at times you get intimidated by our strong personalities but child we are your strength and support. We are always with you and you do not have to see us as opposition. You can fight your battles and we are there with you whenever you need us whether to fight for you or for you to lean on us.

Shubi, you hated sleeping  when you were a baby. You were like that toy in the Duracell advertisement, you would keep crawling till you dropped to sleep. In the afternoons, I would hold you tight and keep singing those funny songs till you fell asleep. You would resist me, fight me but I was bigger than you and would always get my way. Today the tide has turned, you can easily overpower me by force. And this is what every parent wants; to see the child go one up from where he/she was.

Shubh, the world is all yours. Go explore, experience and enjoy it. Explore new ideas, new territories. Enrich yourself with great experiences and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Find your own Everest, claim its summit and be the man you want to be. Just remember that the strength of your character, the love and blessings of your parents and the goodwill of the people around you will help you through your journey. Be humble, be human and be honest to yourself and there’s nothing you can’t get. Be yourself and have belief in your abilities. But if ever you falter, just look back at me. If I smile don’t worry and go ahead because I have faith in you.

A very happy, healthy and happening life to you. And ya I forgot many, many happy returns of the day! Happy Birthday Shubham!

Always with love

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    Bahoot sunder.

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