My school entered its Silver Jubilee year this Thursday, that is on 14th July. We usually have the investiture ceremony of the Student Council on this day along with the customary pooja and prayers. We also have ‘Ignite’, a competition amongst the school teachers. It is a kind of brainstorming session to see where we are, what is lacking and what can be done to better ourselves as an institution. The teachers are divided into teams, and they work on the given parameters and finally make the presentation of their findings. This year the presentations were to coincide with the Silver Jubilee Anniversary. The day was marked with a host of activities, but the rains played spoilsport. The government declared two days holiday on account of heavy rains. The teachers were upset because the portion would be left incomplete, the Investiture Ceremony had to be postponed and most importantly what about the celebrations planned to mark the beginning of the year ahead! 

The management decided to go ahead with the celebrations sans students. We had the Pooja and then breakfast together and then we all went to be with our teams since the finale of Ignite was to be held on the same day and was advanced by a few hours in absence of students. 

This year the theme was values/attributes. The teaching as well as the admin staff was divided into 7 groups to represent the seven attributes, which are: seamlessness, passion, speed, sustainability, innovation, commitment and integrity. We had to explore how the given attribute helps the individual as well as the organisation to succeed, how it prepares students to be future ready and how the culture of enhancing the said attribute can be nurtured within the institution. The teams had to explore, present and face the QnA round by the judges. This year the judges were Dr. Minu Madlani, Principal Hinduja College; Dr. Uma Maheswari, Principal SIES college and Dr. Naresh Chandra Director education B. K. Birla College, eminent academicians! We, the bankable Birlites were team Integrity! 

Each team met multiple times in person, on teams and the WhatsApp groups were abuzz till late in the night. Everyone pooled in their ideas, Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo were our saviours, teachers and guides and so were the NEP guidelines. The best and most workable ideas were sifted and carried to slides for presentation. Who will say what, how, time management, practices, the excitement over the competition was unmistakable! At stake was a cash prize of INR41K for the winners and INR21K for the runners up. 

Each team did a commendable job, their research thorough, the presentations flawless. The jury asked some very thought-provoking and pertinent questions, and the teachers gave equally eloquent answers. Finally, the judges broke away for discussion and returned quickly with the results. Team Integrity was adjudged the Winners while Teams Passion and Sustainability were declared joint Runners Up. 

These competitions give us an opportunity to work with people across departments whom we usually don’t connect to much, bring in new insights and infuse the competitive spirit which we otherwise try to put aside given the nature of our profession. They also bring in a welcome change from the routine and something to cherish long after the event but most importantly it helps us make our institution grow in the right direction and not stagnate with age. 

Integrity is all about accountability and it is always many hands that account for the winner’s smile! And staying true to our attribute we have decided to give the prize money away for charity. 

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  1. Erika says:

    It sounds like you really enjoyed the process (and the results). I like how we did not know your team until the end. I would have a hard time supporting speed, but the others seemed plausible. Team building is worth it when it is purposeful.

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    1. A. Shruti says:

      Yeah! We did enjoy the whole process and the results made it even more enjoyable. Team speed were very good in their presentation but the judges too had their reservations. Speed and education don’t exactly go hand in hand. As educators slow and steady is more effective.


  2. Fran Haley says:

    There’s so much I appreciate here in your school’s teamwork – those seven attributes, the team spirit (success depends on it), and this line: “Integrity is all about accountability” – yes! So well-said. And there’s nothing like good old-fashioned competition. Much continued success to your school at this milestone, and moving forward. Congrats to Team Integrity!


    1. A. Shruti says:

      Thank you very much!!


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