Emerald City

Some time back a friend had wished for me that the straight-line finds me soon and the yellow brick roads lead to somewhere nice and not the Emerald City. Now whoever have read their childhood literature would know that Emerald City is the place where all the dreams and hopes could be fulfilled but with a catch, in Frank Baum’s, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Currently, I am reading Devdutta Patnaik’s Myth=Mithya and it makes me feel that we all are born on the Earth in search of the realisation of a dream. Come to think of it; is not being born like getting trapped in the Emerald City? Here we are are born on the green planet. Yes, I know it’s called the blue planet but isn’t it the only one with green too? Uranus is blue green not green green and if you don’t agree then please let me take some artistic liberty. So, as I was saying we all are born on this green planet not only to live an illusion but also to chase it with our green tinted glasses….the illusion of happiness, completeness, fulfillment.

Here we all are on this huge spaceship called Earth, traversing the solar system. People have their positions in the society and get treated accordingly. Some enjoy the business class treatment, some are seated in economy, some have enough legroom others don’t, some have good companions and others are not so lucky, the duration of the flight is also different, it may be a long haul, direct or with multiple stopovers. In a nutshell, we all are passengers onboard this planet and our journeys have different experiences. No two people have same experiences but everyone has the same destination, we all are moving in pursuit of happiness.

Emerald or green is the colour of fertility and associated with the colour of money too, the yellow colour of happiness is made when green and red come together. Isn’t it strange that two colours associated with jealousy and rage respectively come together to give the colour of happiness? A primary feeling that comes out of primal emotions. Experiencing negative emotions is an integral part of the human experience to value the positive ones. Experiencing pain makes us value happiness more and it becomes the sole reason to go on. There cannot be a positive emotion without the other. With each gain comes the possibility of loss but we conveniently forget that and focus solely on the gain. Experiencing loss is unsettling and unwanted not because it was unexpected but because we were not mindful of its presence. And faced with it we feel broken. Yet,

“What is stronger than the human heart, which shatters over and over and still lives?” ~ Rupi Kaur

The ability to dream and hope with tenacity is what keeps us going even after being put through the many trials and tribulations and doesn’t want us to let go but to pursue it again and again. So we live on in search of true happiness on the green planet and continue our journey. Yes, all our dreams and hopes will be fulfilled but beware of the catch because everything has a price which we will have to pay and only to be born is free because our parents paid the price for that.

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  1. Great philosophy. I found myself nodding my head to many of your sentences. My favorite one was, “Yes, all our dreams and hopes will be fulfilled but beware of the catch because everything has a price which we will have to pay and only to be born is free because our parents paid the price for that.” because of Mom and Dad’s sacrifice and/or love.

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    1. A. Shruti says:

      Thank you! Glad that you not only like but also agree with it.


  2. Mark Ryan says:

    Green is serene! Don’t forget the tara. Nice piece.

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    1. A. Shruti says:

      Can’t thank you enough Mark. Tara for gratitude a definite yes though not sure if now is the time.


      1. Mark Ryan says:

        You will know when it is right.

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