The Cryptic Cookie

I am glad that Shubham too has a love for words like me. We may not be exactly logomaniacs but are definitely verbivores. He has the gift of the gab, a quick wit and is more adept at writing code than content, though he definitely has a flair for writing. This story written by him affirms my belief. What do you say?

“Your life is in danger. Say nothing to anyone. You must leave the city immediately and never return.” said the note. I looked at the
note for quite a while. Pondering, with my mind wandering in all possible directions. After all, it is not easy for a fifteen year old to leave the city, without telling anyone, with little cash what comes to him as pocket money. And especially not in a bustling metropolis
like Mumbai.

The thought stuck with me for a long time. I had come to Mumbai to celebrate our recent victory in an inter-school basketball tournament. All happy and cheery till the end, where I got my cookie and saw the cryptic note. Oh God, such a burden to be threatened, by a fortune cookie, of all the three billion people in India. Why me?

And so, after we had applied the “BODMAS” rule on our cuts of the bill, that is, ‘Bill, Order, Divide Money, Argue, Service charge or
tips?’ we left for a small trip. I did not tell anyone about it, but still had the dread in my mind. Scared to infinity, I tried to make a
run for it, but my friends held me back. Looks like there was no escape.

We got on the train around 10 in the night. Off to our town in the suburbs, and it was then that I realised – The cookie had instructed me to leave the city and not a specific city. So, we were leaving Mumbai, and were already off to our little suburb. What a relief. I openly declared the contents of the note to my friends. This was probably my greatest mistake. As if on cue, the lights went out, but the train was
moving. We could barely see each other. It seemed all planned by the very malevolent spirits that had brought such a cursed note to me.

And it soon turned out to be a coincidence. After a couple of minutes the lights came back, and around 11, we all safe in our homes. The following day, I had been the earliest to wake up, and saw the date. April 2nd. And in the “Bizarre” section of Bombay Times, there
it was. The headline read:
“Chinese Restaurant Baffles Guests With Ominous Messages In Fortune Cookies”, with the chef apologising for the same.

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