Random Thought! #45

Woke up again with your name on my lips. Knowing full well you won’t be there. Still looking for you for the girl in me still believes in miracles….

Random Thought! #32

Stay good, stay happy! Wherever you are…. Waking up to the darkness within where the sun cannot reach. Breathing the same stale air, disappointing and sad. The goodness around, the joys of life fall on a mind that’s dumb. No warmth, no feelings, a sensation so numb; she doesn’t feel even the burden of living.

Random Thought! #31

Yes we need all the people but sometimes you need only that one person, the most special one. There’s so much to say, all thoughts but no words. Wish you were here to know and understand or do you? Deep thoughts, strong feelingsbut no words to say.Wish you were hereto see that look, feel that…

Music to my Soul

I surround myself with people and occupy myself with work.I do my best to keep away from you. And yet you keep playing in my mind like a background score, just because the thought of you is music to my soul.

Without You.

The rains are back, so won’t you return too? To be by my side, laughing & supporting as you used to. The rain gods cry and so do I for those moments that I now live without you.