Random Thought! #41

All the world’s a stage and we play our parts; unaware of the screenplay, improvising on the go. Life is a great drama as it unfolds. Enjoy the show!Happy World Theatre Day!!

Random Thought! #33

Words go missing; the ink dries in pen. The reason to write is not found often. Don’t I have, anything to say? Nah! The voice doesn’t want to make any sound not for lack of listeners around. The words will be read and heard but it would all be absurd because the hands are tied…

Random Thought! #31

Yes we need all the people but sometimes you need only that one person, the most special one. There’s so much to say, all thoughts but no words. Wish you were here to know and understand or do you? Deep thoughts, strong feelingsbut no words to say.Wish you were hereto see that look, feel that…

Random Thought! #30

She was ready to disintegrate into particles to merge with him. Yet he had to break her bit by bit.