The emptiness in my heart,will now be a permanent partof the life that I have to live through.You are gone to the ether self,leaving your fragrance behind.And I’ll keep searching for you.

Falling In Love

Is this what falling in love means? Tired limbs, bruised heart,her emotions and feelings thrown apart.She was tortured slowly to death,her love took away her breath.She was punished not for her deceitbut for her conceitin the one she truly loved!

The Little Green

Change is the only constant in life, and who can tell it better than leaves! The little leaf in its budwas wary to show its green.Rest of the crop egged it onto show its lovely sheen.Softly, slowly she came outto face the warm Sun.Others too began to sproutand a new life had begun. As the…

How are you?

“How are you?”, asked mom dad.Do you have enough? Are you well fed?Oh yes! Don’t you worry, the larder’s full and am having chicken curry.“How are you?”, asked my sis and my bro.Do you have enough? Want us to send some dough?Oh I’m good! Don’t you worry,work is good and I have to hurry.“How are…

The True Me?

Sometimes I wonder if I really know myself, especially when questions like these plague me.

Beautiful Woman

Maya Angelou is a prolific writer and I’ve taught some of her poems to my student’s while elaborating on poetic devices. Her ‘Phenomenal Woman’ is one poem that has impressed many from all around but I have a slightly different take on this one. Think today is the right day to share it. This one…

A Wish

The scheduled post for today was something else but then since my children are writing their board exams and today they write their Science paper thought of posting this poem for them. Many of them keep bringing their slam books for me to write in and my wish for each of them is the same….