Feathered Endurance

Am still looking for a suitable title if anyone can help!Thank you Mark Ryan @ https://havocandconsequence.wordpress.com/ for the title! A step forward and then three back A glimmer of light and then darkness This is how life’s meant to be? Don’t expect love, fame or pity, nor ever feel guilty. Life is yours as you…

Vicious Cycle

She was respected for her grace and loved for her charm. She was lusted upon for the treasures inborn. Men would kill one another for her attention, even if a cursory glance. But it didn’t matter to her, there was only one for whom her heart would dance… the hermit who lived at the edge…

The Monomyth

When every breath is laboured & you are tired from head to toe. When every step is a burden yet you push yourself to go. Deeply wounded still you fight and keep doing what is right. Unknown, uncared, unsung, there may be no glory, nevertheless you areā€¦ the hero of your story.

I am!

I’m the fire and the ice. I’m all sugar and the only spice. I am the confusion and also sense. Don’t fear me, I’m for defence. I am the noise and the silent word. I am the only wave in this tranquil world.

Happy Friendship Day!

Happy Friendship Day! To the friends far away. You are in my heart and in thoughts too. Life wouldn’t be as wonderful as it is with you. Wish we were still closer, sharing as before. Hope this pandemic will soon be a lore. Wish you happiness and wish you well. And we stay bound with…


Bound by this machine of bones and muscles. She fulfills her duty of living. Waiting to be retired from the job of breathing for those who are equally keen to say goodbye. But have to bear with her because she is the need of the hour. Only time will know who was happier to see…


She always had the spark but it never shone through. Others were not so sure but she definitely knew. And then it started to happen, accolades came, praises poured, she had raised the bar. Unaffected she meandered, the lonely star. “Are you not happy? She had nothing to say. They wished her glory, she smiled…

Ventilator in My Chest

It all happened so suddenly and all was lost in a matter of days. Three days exactly because the fourth was spent in donating your organs. Eight people were getting a new lease of life elsewhere while life was ebbing away from you. I know you would not have gone if it were in your…

Music to my Soul

I surround myself with people and occupy myself with work.I do my best to keep away from you. And yet you keep playing in my mind like a background score, just because the thought of you is music to my soul.

Without You.

The rains are back, so won’t you return too? To be by my side, laughing & supporting as you used to. The rain gods cry and so do I for those moments that I now live without you.