There’s a small population in this world which not only makes mistakes but makes them famously and is embarrassed of them for eons. These people are afflicted with foot n’ mouth disease, no not the viral kind which affects the bovine population. I mean the one that lends them in situations where the populace succeeds in making an utter fool of themselves and I for sure belong to that breed of people. 
I remember this incidence when Abhay and I went to watch a movie. As we were exiting the cinema hall, I just went ahead and locked my arm in Abhay’s arm, and the touch felt different. Immediately I looked up and saw the face of a confused man, a bewildered woman, most probably his wife, holding his other hand and Abhay laughing heartily, two steps behind me. I was red faced and didn’t know what to do till the fellow unlocked his arm and walked away equally embarrassed. Another time I waved a very energetic ‘Hi!’ to a colleague’s husband as we were rushing in to punch the card on time only to be told by her that he was out of station on a tour.
Once my brother and I wanted to go to school on a Saturday for some sports activity, but our father told us not to since he had other plans. Being elder and knowing our father’s sleeping habits, I was sure that we could go and return in time. So, we locked him in and went away, having forgotten about the milkman who would come to deliver the daily supply. Papa was not only woken up early by the milkman but also found out our absence and there was no milk. We returned only to be locked out for half of the day and spent the time counting cars on the road!
Whoever has followed my blog from day one knows about my ‘Hollandian’ adventure and I have also gone on to claim that the cow is considered a ‘scared’ animal by Hindus, a new word I learnt in my class one or two, only to be told that the alphabets were misplaced, and the word was ‘sacred’.
Recently, I made a fool of myself by sending a birthday message to an unknown person because the number given to me was wrong and it triggered all the cross connections that I have made over the years. ‘Culprit!’ Thank you for triggering this post and hope you have learnt your partner’s number now. 😃
But not all mistakes are embarrassing, some of them turn into beautiful experiences. Like the time I sent the number of a Math tutor to an unknown person by mistake and having realised it I immediately sent another message apologising and informing that it was meant for someone else. I got a response in return that it was okay and if the receiver could give my reference and engage the tutor for her daughter. This is how my friendship with her began.
Won’t life be boring if we didn’t goof up from time to time and made a fool of ourselves? What is life if not lived laughing heartily! I may have been embarrassed then but now I laugh at those incidents for the humour they bring. Hope my goof ups made you chuckle too and added some fun to the festivities around. Merry Christmas!

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  1. Mark Ryan says:

    The wonderful world of happenstance….or God making himself chuckle.

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  2. Insider says:

    It is always a pleasure reading your stories! Merry Christmas ma’am

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    1. A. Shruti says:

      Thank you and Merry Christmas to you too.

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