Random Thought! #15: Call for freedom!

The azure sky and pristine white clouds beckoned me to be with them. The freedom they offered was enticing! Who can ignore the allure of the skies and the feel of liberation? But alas! I was trapped in a metal tube 55,000 feet above and ill equipped to take the plunge.
The heart thumped and thudded hard; trying to break free from the barred ribcage.
The eyes brimmed with feelings and emotions, but the eyelashes didn’t allow them to leave
The force of thoughts made the lips tremble but not even a whimper escaped.
The body stood guard!

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  1. Mark Ryan says:

    Easy to take off, harder to fly.

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  2. A. Shruti says:

    True that!
    This is an actual unedited image I clicked through my window on the way back. The clouds did tempt me to take the plunge but then I was concerned about the fellow travellers! 😀


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