The Evil Dragon Of Treasure Island by Luke Grindatto & Ahaan Sah

Chapter 17: Grab Your Weapons!  

They both decided to grab the weapons. Kyle grabbed a stone shield and a diamond sword while Roger grabbed a gold shield and an emerald dagger. They got the stuff and then saw the door and used the key and it worked but outside there was a huge thunderstorm so they went back in soaked! They both thought what now so they went back to the barn and slept for sometime in the hay! Then they woke up and went back out; it was still wet but nice and by then it was very dark too! They tried to find ways off the island and they had the idea to build a raft but out of what! They searched the whole island and found one tree and Kyle said, “I’m gonna use my diamond sword to make logs!” After half an hour the whole tree was cut into logs and they built a raft and were about to row off home. Then, the guy who was their to kidnap the Pegasus came out of the building and Roger asked Kyle, “Why did you leave the door open??” Kyle said, “I forgot to close it! Sorry!” Then the man came running at them very mad, while yelling, “Why did you knock me out!?!?” They ran to hide. On returning they noticed that the raft was gone and so was the man. He had stolen it when they ran away!  

Chapter 18: The Escape  

Kyle just remembered and said, “Roger, remember that pirate ship that we had gotten off before our journey? It’s probably still here, Right?” So Roger said, “Let’s go back on that pirate ship and catch that man!” Kyle immediately agreed. As they went closer to the pirate ship, it seemed that only if they had gotten on, they wouldn’t be able to come back off. So they had to find a different thing to go the same route as the man. Luckily, they saw a little boat coming towards them with a man in it. As that boat came closer, you could see that the man had very pale skin. The man then greeted them hello, and he was their saviour of the day! The man’s name was Westley Jean. They both got onto the boat and sailed back to another strange land, not unlike the one that they had gone on. Kyle asked Westley, “Where have you taken us?” “Come here and first check it out,“ Westley responded back to Kyle, “I am not going to take you any further from here so that you guys can do a little exploring, fun, right?”   


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  1. jharna deshmukh says:

    Yay!! awesome

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    1. A. Shruti says:

      Thank you! It’s you who is awesome! Thanks for allowing to post your story on the blog.


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