The Evil Dragon Of Treasure Island by Luke Grindatto & Ahaan Sah

Chapter 15: The Final Battle!  

What was terrible that happened? The dragon’s troll servant had a sinister smile on his face every day of the week because he was plotting against Roger and Kyle! They found a lot of suspicion on his face but just couldn’t find out what it was! Roger said quietly to Kyle, “Kyle, bro, it seems like the Lava Room troll guy is plotting against us. Do you have any idea what he is plotting against us?” Kyle said harshly, “NO! I don’t know. How am I supposed to know everything?” Roger felt a little insulted at the time but then kept his cool and walked down the lava room. “Is everything okay, Kyle?” Roger suddenly asked. “It’s fine,” replied Kyle, preparing to jump into the lava. As Kyle approached to jump, Roger put his leg out to stop Kyle. Kyle harshly spoke, “What do you think you’re doing, Super Roger? Why are you just not letting me do what I want to do?” “I don’t wanna lose my best friend, you. I just need to protect you as much as I can even protect myself .” replied Roger. “Roger let me jump please! Don’t stop me, Roger. I know something.” Kyle jumped. He fell in but it was not lava, just water that looked like it. He was okay and swam to the other side but, on the other side was the battlefield! The troll was on the battlefield holding a ruby and gold dagger. The troll said, “ BRING IT SUPER ROGER!” Roger went for it and he dodged it! Then, he kicked the troll as hard as he could and the troll fell out the window and was never seen again. “YAAAAAAY!” said Roger and Kyle together. Them and the Pegasus went off. They ended up at the door they came in from but how would they get out??  

Chapter 16: The Second Key!  

Turns out that since they had the first key, it would help them to get the second key. Since Kyle was holding the key then he tried to get out with it but it didn’t work! So they thought that they had to find a key to get out so they searched and searched and they found another door on the far side of the castle! There was a key spot! They tried the key they had and inside the room there was the second key but the door was closing! Kyle made it out but Roger was behind and he came running with the second key! Kyle helped him and the pegasus out. They barely made it; they all took deep breaths and sighed. They continued back to the first door but they were lost in the dark halls. They were all super scared and their teeth were chattering a lot. They finally made it to the dining room and the dragon was eating his lunch so they snuck past the room and were in a room full of weapons!  

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