The Evil Dragon Of Treasure Island by Luke Grindatto & Ahaan Sah

Chapter 11: Missing Gold Hunt  

As Roger and Kyle supposedly went back to the lava room, all they saw was coal! Did someone throw all of the gold into the lava? They had to find who did it now. They went to the suspicious dragon’s room who was sitting there annoyed to now even see them, in tears. They asked him one simple question. “Hey you dragon! Why did you throw all of the gold into the lava room?” The dragon then replied, “No, Super Roger and this other man here. What’s your name?” asked the dragon. Kyle then said, “I am Roger’s best friend, Kyle.”
“Nope.” The dragon said, laughing, “Ha ha ha! Nopes! Nope! Nope! Nope!” Then the dragon finally replied to the question that Super Roger had asked. “No, Super Roger. The troll did it. He is my administrator and I fired him. Sorry you didn’t get to give him a good spanking or another bad punishment before I had fired him.”
“Well what do we do now?” asks Kyle. Super Roger says “Let’s just go home.” They walk back to the entrance but………… a strange looking man walks in, saying, “let me in! “That’s odd” says Kyle and they think about it. Maybe that man is kidnapping the Pegasuses, we have to save them!  

Chapter 12: Pegasus Saviour   

What could Roger and Kyle do to save the Pegasus? Roger walked to the man silently tip-toeing behind his back, opened his sword, but…. before he could do anything, as if the man had eyes on the back of his head, he immediately punched Super Roger in the face! Super Roger quickly surrendered before he could get seriously injured. But Kyle was not the one to give up and continued to fight with the man. The battle went on and one for a few hours. No one was able to defeat the opponent. Super Roger felt strong and walked into the room of Pegasus to save them. All of them hid themselves. He got mad while yelling, “ WHERE ARE THEY?” Then he went to ask the dragon where the Pegasus were. Roger got hold of the Pegasus after they got out of hiding. Kyle and Roger then went to save them and Roger rode one, Kyle rode another. They spotted a diamond on the floor. Kyle picked it up but it was a booby trap and something terrible happened!

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