The Evil Dragon Of Treasure Island by Luke Grindatto & Ahaan Sah

Chapter 4: The Horse  
The horse was a weird horse. It was really abnormal. Once they had caught the horse, they hadn’t even noticed it was owned! The owner had abandoned their own horse! Kyle started looking back. He had the totally wrong idea. Roger then said, “Kyle, I’m getting goosebumps. This is really creepy looking at a lonely horse abandoned in a place where you pray to god, the temple.” Kyle then said, “No, Roger. I have the right idea.” Even though he didn’t have the right idea of what they should do and didn’t admit it, they really got in trouble. Kyle thought that Roger was going to go further. Roger didn’t think anything. Kyle wanted to go back really bad. He felt that Roger really didn’t think his ideas were great. Because they weren’t. As they walked further, Roger really had gotten the willies. He got scared very easily. It really wasn’t good for Roger. Kyle then said, “I wish that I could just get out of here.” Roger said, “Same.” Now Kyle was also scared. But then behind them the horse followed them after all of that commotion. Kyle got on the horse. The horse walked all the way to a room full of horses. All of them had rainbow stripes on them and Roger’s mind was blown. They took a look around but they saw all of the horse’s sprout wings. They flew to Roger and Kyle. “They aren’t horses,” says Kyle “They are Pegasuses.”   

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