When they hurt – I hurt!


Every life matters!

This Vulnerable life

Until we break the system and rebuild it with fairness, our tears will never dry. Sometimes they will run harder and stronger and heavier than before, like crying for the first time – a new born gasping at life. Other times, desert dry – numbness in it’s place but still the pain.

Today, my tears ran, shaking my whole body. Hard, hoarse and ugly. Tears for a man 4015 miles away. George Floyd was his name. Killed in broad daylight. His crime? Apparently writing a bad cheque.

The real crime? BEING BLACK

His punishment – having a cop kneel on his neck, making him unable to breath. Another 3 cops, stood around allowing it to happen, watching his life slip away.

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  1. Thank you for reblogging.

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    1. A. Shruti says:

      It’s I who should be thanking you for speaking up. I reblogged because it matters to me and I wanted to show my solidarity…I am an ally.

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