Happy Mother’s Day to Me!


Nineteen years back at the stroke of 15:oo hours Abhay and I entered the maternity home. We both were super excited as this trip was going to be the culmination of nine months of one adventure and the beginning of another. Eighteen minutes later, I was shown a little baby who stared intently at me with his lovely blue eyes and a mother was born! My motherhood has been an easy breezy job, thanks to an angel of a child in Shubham.
You have always been too sweet and understanding. No tantrums, no crying, throwing a fit or misbehaviour. All that you did was challenge me to do stuff that children would not even dream of. I remember writing the rainbow poem, which is still playing in my head because you stubbornly announced that ‘Shubham’ would participate in a poetry recitation competition only if I wrote a poem. Why? Because the teacher told that no one should have heard it before. You have asked me to make kheer for you in the middle of the night because I gave you sweet dreams and you wanted to check if your dream was true or not. I have attended karate classes and learnt swimming because you wanted me to do it with you. You have kept me on my toes with your questions and also with your “Mumma! Surprise me.” Last minute projects that had to be unique because your assignments had to be different. My hitting the highway for the first time and driving crazily so that we can catch the movie you wanted to watch on your birthday. The arguments we had when you were in tenth, senior secondary and have even now! And I am thankful to you for all of these and many other things. You have helped me become a more patient, understanding and mature person than I was nineteen years back. I have enjoyed every moment of my motherhood with you.
But what I enjoyed doing the most was planning your birthday parties. You know how we would start from March, planning the theme, the games, the gifts to go with them, the surprises, every bit of it because you were never demanding. More than you, it has always been my wish to make the day special for you. I was truly upset when I realised that we won’t be able to do much this year as you turn 19. Yes, we will just not be able to have a grand celebration this birthday but I pray that you have many reasons to celebrate through the year and forever.
Do remember to look into that book and read up this letter one more time to remind you how special you are at https://soansrezones.home.blog/2019/05/19/happy-birthday-baby/
Happy Birthday Baby! As you get set to cut your favourite, ‘Mom-made Caramel Pudding’.😀

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  1. Jyoti says:

    Happy Birthday

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