Urja – Energy Infinite

Urja, is the very essence of womanhood. It embodies the unlimited energy that women possess. We often talk in terms of woman power but miss the unlimited energy that she possesses. No matter how tired a woman feels, she always has energy for her family, her friends, her people. She will walk that extra mile when needed even if she needs to relax. A man returns to his hearth, tired and looks up to his mother, sister, wife or daughter to recharge him by feeding him, caring for him and comforting him. Ever wondered who does a woman go to? She doesn’t look anywhere to recharge herself. Why? Because she, herself is the source of infinite energy. She gains by giving. She is energy personified.
Women have always been celebrated as nature’s most beautiful creation. They have always been venerated since times immemorial as the ‘bountiful giver’ everywhere. Their womanhood lies in their ability to give irrepressibly. Perhaps it was this strength that frightened the menfolk during the old times and led them to treat women as second class citizens. Women were termed the weaker gender on the basis of physical differences across continents, even though they worked more than the men.
But today many women do not feel like basking in their femininity. They want to be like men, behave like them, & abhor their very own existence. I have heard women cursing their menstrual cycles, questioning why only they have to go through the rigours of childbirth and being unhappy about their bodies.
The world will start treating them differently if they themselves start taking pride in being women. Mother Nature has given women an unending source of energy, strength and stamina. Women are the strongest, the most resilient human species. Their strong will and determination is unstoppable. Women work as hard as their male counterparts at work and still have the energy to manage their household chores which are equally taxing. Its hard to find a mother who doesn’t have energy for her child no matter how tired she is. If we, the women, unite our energies then we have the strength to change this world for ourselves as well as for our children.
We, the women can use this strength and energy constructively by empowering ourselves, taking pride in our womanhood, teaching our children to respect women and moulding the future generations. A son who has grown up seeing a woman stand her ground with dignity will never think of showing disrespect to another. A brother who has grown up loving and caring for his sister will never act meanly with another woman. A girl who has been brought up with love, taught to be strong and to take pride in her womanhood will face the world with confidence and would not surrender meekly to any injustice. I believe we, the women can win a victory against violence if we have the will to.
Look for a woman if you want strength & power. Seek her for love & care. Search for a woman when feeling sour. Whenever you need, she’ll be there.

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