Beautiful Woman

Maya Angelou is a prolific writer and I’ve taught some of her poems to my student’s while elaborating on poetic devices. Her ‘Phenomenal Woman’ is one poem that has impressed many from all around but I have a slightly different take on this one. Think today is the right day to share it. This one is also my favourite because I presented it at a beauty pageant way back in early 2014, which I went on to win. I know I am not beautiful by social standards but every woman is beautiful if she is proud of her womanhood.

I am a beautiful woman, 
Everyone wonders where my secret lies?
 I am not cute or built to suit 
a really small size. 
Yet I am unstoppable! 
No matter how much one tries. 
They think its my hair, waist or hips 
but it is the smile on my lips. 
The reach of my arms, the spring in my feet, 
the ability to care
when one is in need.

 I am a beautiful woman, 
I am a daughter, a sister, a wife. 
I am born to give life. I have a fire within.
I can do whatever I want 
but I do what I should. 
I am a beautiful woman 
my beauty lies in my womanhood.

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