A Wish

The scheduled post for today was something else but then since my children are writing their board exams and today they write their Science paper thought of posting this poem for them. Many of them keep bringing their slam books for me to write in and my wish for each of them is the same. Thought of wishing them with this poem I penned for Shubham when his ICSE X results were out. And be it Shubham or my students, my feelings for all of them are the same.

Go fly my little boy, now your wings are strong.
You know the vagaries of life & can tell the right from wrong,
You move on & go ahead, the world is yours to see.
You may fail or falter but the victory is yours to be.
I’m proud of you for what you’ve achieved
But don’t be satisfied yet.
Reach out for stars, move to your goals and
hold what you seek to get.
I’ll sit here and watch you climb your Everest.
To see you reach the top, is when I’ll be the happiest.