Science is a boys’ club | For

This house believes that Science is a boy’s club. Had it not been the case, there would have been more women scientists and researchers around. The fact is women just are not born to explore the sciences. They have neither the inclination nor the cognitive ability to understand the abstract or separate the real from the apparent. They think from heart and science needs brains. 

I would like to give a few examples to drive my point home.  

Firstly, the Nobel Prize is the biggest prize for the sciences and between 1901 and 2017 it has been awarded to 844 men and only 48 women, including that for peace and economics. The huge difference itself proves that science is a boy’s stream and presence of girls here can be an exception but not the norm. 

Girls’ interest in science is at the best in home sciences. There may be a large number of lady doctors today but there are more women in nursing than in medicine because medicine needs not only skill but also a scientific temperament while nursing needs caring which is inherent to women and the skill can be learnt by practice. 

Today, women form a huge chunk of the workforce in every field but the research labs and maths departments across the globe are dominated by men. Women don’t want to be in this zone because they find it difficult to handle due to the lack of an innate interest. 

The science and maths textbooks are filled with theorems, equations and laws but not even one of them bears the name of any woman. The well-known Shakuntala Devi, known for her fast calculations and her skill with numbers, was a human computer but not a mathematician. 

Science is a field which speaks of the abstract as well as the concrete, there is much imagination and experimentation involved and yet it believes in solid proofs and what it sees. Women are not born to do things this way. The aesthetics of things appeals more to them and they are more concerned with the beauty rather than functionality.  

This is the reason why men talk of specifications like the ram size and pixel density of camera when they go to buy a mobile phone while women are more interested in the colour, looks, and appearance. They are more focussed on ‘mera wala pink’ than on how good it will function and whether it caters to their needs or not. 

You will find boys, more inclined to talk about the functional application of the science that they learn but the girls are more interested in learning science than to learn from science. What more proof does one want? 

Ladies and gentlemen, women may have a general interest in things scientific, but it is a very superficial interest and hence Science is and will remain a boy’s club. 

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