Everyone loves a story

“Once upon a time…” This must be the best memory of growing up years, a childhood without stories is non-existent if I may say so. Each of us must also have a very fond memory or a favourite story. I remember all of us kids sitting around our grandmother listening to story after story, requesting her to tell the one we enjoyed hearing again and again and at times goading her to tell a new story.
Stories are intrinsic to humans, it is a tradition which perhaps arose not only from the need to communicate but also to preserve ones experiences for the next generation. Historically story telling has been a way of protecting ones culture since man learnt to write much later. Every civilization, community, tribe has it’s own tales which tell the story of their past. All stories across cultures have their own heroes, struggles, and victories, the morals that they identify with, even most of the idioms and proverbs have their origin in some story.
Stories are exhilarating not only for the listener but also for the storyteller. They take one into a world where one is free to imagine, and explore. They feed the mind and fuel creativity. They also provide an outlet to how we perceive what we see, hear or experience. Simply put we use stories to make sense of our world and to share that understanding with others. Starting from the fairy tales told to us as bedtime stories, to the moral stories in school to the Classical literature as well as the novels telling stories of adventure, romance, comedy, action, espionage, we are hungry for all of them. Movies are another medium of storytelling which is equally popular and more immersive. There’s a universality about stories, whether we hear them, read them or watch them for whatever reason, we cannot deny the fact that they are all similar in a way even if the narratives differ and also that every story teaches a lesson.
Then there are stories that no one likes and wants to listen to. The stories which are beautiful lies woven around a dream and dangled like a carrot. These are the stories of deceit that harm, hurt and damage beyond repair. So, be mindful when you tell a story and think what it will do to the listener. But to the listener I’ll say, “Get up and move on from the experience.” Because every story has a lesson to teach, isn’t it?

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