Happy New Resolutions

So, another year gone and a new one is here. New hope, new beginnings, new resolutions but what about the things we started last year but have not completed or have left undone for want of time, energy, or enough effort since it seemed overwhelming?
We start the new year overzealously and promise to turn a new leaf. We plan and talk and dream about it and that’s the most beautiful part of a new beginning and then come the harsh realities, backbreaking hard work that tests one’s determination and the ability to get out of the comfort zone and moving towards the set goal with speed slower than that of a slug. Nothing works till the threshold is reached and most of the time our patience weens and we call it quits even before reaching anywhere near the threshold and convince ourselves of another beginning, another journey and another success.
December is the month of fun and frolic, friends and family, feasts and pleasure and when we are done going on an overdrive, a little voice of sanity hums somewhere and rattles our conscience. It is then that we make resolutions as a quick fix to curb our guilt. Yes, it doesn’t hold true for all of us but it definitely happens with most of us, let’s be honest even if we need to take it with a pinch of salt.
So, take a pause before you declare your resolutions to the world. Take stock of your past promises. The diet and exercise regime, that has been contemplated upon since ages for a healthier self? The promise made last year to not keep procrastinating and complete work on time. Giving more time to our own selves, or to our family. Sorting the relationship issue that needs to be addressed and has been on hold for the longest time. The list and its length may differ but every one sure has a list.
Every one speaks of a new beginning with the new year and I too have done the same year after year. But then I had this thought that why not complete what we started or had promised to complete instead of starting a new thing. This journey called life has taught me that time does not take care of things, we have to take charge and make it turn. Whatever your list be and whatever you wish to do, there’s one thing I want to say, invest in yourself and the people who truly care for you.
So, whether you have the same dreams with fresh starts or new dreams and new beginnings, I wish success, health, happiness, peace and love. Have a happening year and may you find a better you as you circle round the Sun, one more time.
A Very Happy New Year!!πŸ€—

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  1. tanujadarkar says:

    A very well written blog ma’am
    helped me to decide my new year resolutions

    Liked by 1 person

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