The Goddess Within

WhatsApp is a great app in terms of offering food for thought. There’s a consistent supply of forwards and at times they make one pause and think. The advent of Navratri has brought an influx of messages invoking men and women alike to pray to the Goddess within the women and to celebrate womanhood. One such post was as follows:

Every woman who awakens Courage within herself is Durga..
Every woman who awakens Transformation within herself is Kali..
Every woman who awakens Devotion within herself is Parvati..
Every woman who awakens Nurturing within herself is Annapurna.
Every woman who awakens the SHIVA within herself is SHAKTI….
Celebrating the GODDESS within
Happy Navratri

Very nice! But my question is why? Why do women need to be sacred and Goddess like and what is there to celebrate? When the society does not treat any man around as a God incarnate, and men don’t need to celebrate their manhood, what is the need for the women to do so?
Yes, in the old days women needed a reason because it was a way for them to get love and respect in the society. Today, they are educated, independent and assert their preferences but the minds are still set in the ancient times. So, even today women can either be subservient or high up on the pedestal, that too as per the convenience of the society.
When the society doesn’t call a man ‘Ganpati’ for his intelligence or ability to  solve problems or ‘Rudra’ for being a ‘Paramveer Chakra’ recipient or ‘Brahma’ for creating a new world, why do women have to be Durga, Kali, Sita or any other goddess? Why do they have to awaken a Shiva within when they can do without one especially when there are no Shiva around?
If women have goddesses within them,
why can’t they move around at any hour as and when needed without feeling insecure or wear what they want without worrying about ogling eyes or express freely without guilt? The society is quick to label them ‘characterless’, ‘bold’, ‘easy’. What happens to the goddesses within them or do they appear only during Navratri?
A government announces free metro rides for women, sections of the society treat them as the weaker gender, reservations are for them and so are many others benefits. They are patronised, they are expected to be meek, fragile or strong as per the society’s expectations. Then there’s also the mindset that they are uncorrupted and can do no wrong. A lot  many laws of the land are totally one sided and completely against men because the women are weak and always at the receiving end. This gives the conniving feminine minds enough courage to wreck havoc in the lives of men who suffer at their hands.
I feel that genders don’t define whether a person is good or bad, yes there are certain traits which can well be defined as in the zone of a particular gender but we can not give labels. So, all women cannot be meek, gentle, fragile or sacred the way all men cannot be cruel, sadist or dominating. 
My point is that we need to treat all genders equally, give them same opportunities and space in the society and same laws need to be applicable to every one. So, instead of invoking the Goddess within the women let us try to give the true person in them a chance to be who they are, normal human beings.

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  1. Anil C Deshmukh says:

    श्रृती ,
    तुम्हारे सब सवालों का एक बहुत सुन्दर और साधारण उत्तर है “सृजन शक्ती”

    ये नारी ही है जो शिव को गढती है और शिव स्वयं शक्ती के बिना अधूरा है । यदि किसी पर्व विशेष में नारी की उस सृजनशीलता की (शक्ती स्वरूप में ) पूजा की जाती है और वह भी पुरूषप्रधान ( Male chauvinist) समाज में , तो इस से उत्तम और क्या हो सकता है


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