When Hit By ‘No Idea!’

So, I ask my friend what should I write about for this week’s blog. The answer, “I have no idea.” I ask Shubham what he thinks about something and the answer is “I have no idea.” I ask people around me for their opinion about something and most of the times the answer is, “What can I say, I have no idea.” So, who has an idea? “Ganpati!” Because he’s the God of wisdom. šŸ˜€
I feel people do have some idea but they are guarded in their response because they don’t want to be held responsible lest anything goes wrong. There are times when the situation is tricky and it’s difficult to take a stance for the sake of preserving relationships, for not wanting to be a part of any controversy, for not having to face repercussions. Then there are also times when people really have ‘no idea’ because they can’t make up their mind. Sometimes they are not sure about their answer and don’t want to be ridiculed. Then there are times when they have no idea because they don’t want to put in an effort to get one since the question appears unnecessary or irrelevant or insignificant. And yes sometimes they just do not want to say anything because it’s not their business and don’t want to be bothered.
Whatever the case may be but when a person asks you a question it is because s/he cares for your opinion, looks up to you for guidance and one should not try to get away with a “I don’t know.”, “I have no idea.”
Decide for yourself why you have ‘no idea’ and whether it’s good to have a ‘no idea’ moment or a ‘know idea’ moment. After all, it’s always great when one exults as you share your idea and the happy fellow exclaims, “What an idea, Sirji!”

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  1. Heet says:

    The reality of the world.

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