A Lucid Lesson

There I was at the crematorium, to say my last goodbye to a relative who had died of old age. A lady who was well known for her wisdom and goodness, a guiding force in my life. I mourned quietly, not every one likes to make a show of grief. I sat brooding over the past events and was thinking about an another relationship, I was on the verge of losing. My beau and I were drifting apart, communication was one sided and that too from my side alone. The messages were read but no responses were forthcoming. As I sat, an another small convoy of people came with the body of a little boy. There was a young man with a little girl who was unconsolable. I gathered he must be the father. The child’s body was placed on the slab and covered with shroud and a lovely powder blue blanket with Winnie the Pooh on it.
I wondered how a solemn place like the crematorium could be so chaotic! Why did humans create noise wherever they went? And I realised there was lot of activity going on in my mind too and my inner self was equally noisy. I tried to push the pandemonium within me away and focused on the last rites. The lifeless body of the little boy still lay on the slab, awaiting its turn.
Once the rites of my departed  relative got over, people slowly went away one by one and I was left alone with the little boy’s family. I was watching the child intently and he stirred. I wasn’t sure and looked carefully, there was a subtle movement again. Was I really seeing the child move or was I hallucinating? The child coughed and opened his eyes. The doctor in me reacted instantly, the child was alive. I opened my water bottle and gave him to drink. He looked at me, smiled sweetly and reached out to hug me. I took him in my arms. As I tried to look around the child tugged at my chin and said, ” You are a good person. This granny here says you came for her and wants you to shake hands.” I looked up and saw no one. He insisted I shake hands with the old lady, whose funeral I had come to attend. I shook my hand in the air in a handshake, to appease the child who was unfortunately taken to be dead.
The child looked at me again and said, “Granny says, nothing dies, neither the people nor the relationships. Every thing stays here and is with you. All that you need is faith, that it is there for good and things happen for the better. I will always be here and so will the love in your life. Go back happy and have faith. You don’t meet people to lose them. They always stay with you in some form or another.” And then he laughed and added, “Granny is saying that whoever messes with you will have to deal with her.” I smiled at the thought and was thinking about what the child was saying. The chaos within me had turned into quietude.
The child shook me again and said, “I want to sleep because I have to go with granny. Tell daddy I love him.”
I was jolted back to reality. It was a lucid dream, I was dreaming there in the crematorium in broad daylight. I went to the father and paid my condolences and told him to be assured that his son loved him a lot. I would have appeared a fool if I had told him that his son told me so.
The experience did not shake me up, it rather made me feel better and hopeful and I moved out of the crematorium with the faith that things will work out and if ever someone dares to trouble me, s/he will have to deal with the Lady who had merged with the Divine.

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