Life And Lemons

A student of mine too writes his blog and he too has a phoenix as his logo. The similarities end here. For one, his logo is a cool blue phoenix while mine if a fiery red orange. But most importantly, his writing is mature, sensible and thought provoking. I take a thought from his blog for today’s post. He has written, “When life gives you lemons, take some time to think what you’ll do with them. But do something, because they will rot real soon.” Check it out at
I am one who loves lemons because they are good for the immunity, a dash of lemon makes any food palatable to me and they kind of lift my mood with their citrusy fragrance. The internet is full of ideas as to what one should do if life were to throw lemons at you. Some say make lemonade, others suggest to spice up meals out of them, sell them, juggle them that is to use them to your benefit. Then there are the spirited ones who suggest that one should refuse to accept them or best freeze them and throw them hard at those who sent them your way. “Now, what would I do if life sent those many lemons my way?” is what I asked Shubham and both of us agreed unanimously that I would definitely arrange a ‘Lemon’ themed party.
The dress code would be from creamy yellow to chrome yellow. The decor would definitely have sunflowers, yellow gerbera, calendula and perhaps marigold too with lots of yellow light. We’ll play lemon race, and lemonade will surely be on the menu with lemon rice too. And, what would be for the return gift? Well! Some lemons for sure. Since, everyone is invited to the party, the ones who send me lemons and the ones who help me cut them to pieces 😊.
On a serious note, what does one do when faced with adversities? I for one believe in getting up, dusting away the dirt, and moving on. I also believe in celebrating every little lump of sugar that comes along. Life cannot be bitter and sour at all times. Savour the sweet moments, they give you the impetus to keep going. A very dear friend does not believe in celebrating till the landmark is reached. I believe in exulting at every milestone for it is an achievement in itself when one is crawling and limping ones way to the landmark. Besides, one cannot celebrate alone. You need people and they are the biggest support in adversity. See, man is a social animal and the cheers and jeers of fellow mates do affect our psyche. So, why not celebrate, be happy and forge ahead?
The other thing that I can do if not celebrate is to make light of the situation. Recently, I was in a scary situation on a suburban escalator. A lady ahead of me lost her nerve as the escalator moved and held on to the railing. As a result, she tumbled on the one behind her, who fell on me and ultimately, we all were a pile of humans heaped one above the other. I was somewhere at the bottom of this human formation acting as the foundation stone. Luckily, the escalator was stopped and people started getting up. My foot was twisted and I was screaming. A man tried to pacify me asking me not to panic. I coolly told him that I was not panicking but screaming in pain as I winced one more time. The result of this escapade was that I was looking like a red and white zebra who has slowly turned into a blue-black and white one at present. But I missed making it to the newspaper headlines as other important things took place around the World ☹.
So, what do we do when life throws lemons? Grab the golden goblets and celebrate the medals that come your way, and move on to live another experience; tell another tale. And one needs a platform to tell a story. Hence, soansrezones joins the Instagram, six months after it began its journey on the Internet. Look forward to the same support and hope we have a huge party in near future.

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