At The Airport

I’ve got the travel bug this month. I’m living out of suitcases, traveling from city to city almost every weekend. Last weekend I was traveling to Jaipur and experienced the bane of the Mumbai rain. My flight was scheduled to depart at 18:50 but it kept getting delayed and I could finally board it at 21:45, way past my ETA at Jaipur. Yeah, I did mind the delay and was upset but it gave me a lot of time to think and reflect upon and observe the people around me. The co passengers on any travel are like ships that pass in the night but somehow some just stay forever in your memory, like the deleted files in the recycle bin.
I will remember the girl I met at the airport. She and some of her friends had planned a visit to Jaipur via Delhi. She somehow missed her flight and was stranded alone at the airport. She made arrangements and was to meet her friends directly at Jaipur. Being alone, lost and on her maiden air travel, she had quite an experience with the added delay in the flight. We met while moving from gate to gate when a change in the same was announced.
As we sat together waiting for the flight, she rued about the missed flight and was upset to have spent almost all her savings on the trip which had started on a very sorry note.
I asked her about their itinerary to change the topic. There was nothing much, the usual Amer fort, Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal, Birla Mandir and a day to zip off to Ajmer and return. I asked her if she was interested in enjoying Jaipur like a local and if she and her friends would be interested in trying the local cuisine. She was game for it. I told her to try the kachori, mirchi bada and rabadi laddu at Rawat, daal bati at LMB, the lassi at ‘paanch batti’ and to try the different chooran at this little shop at Chauda Rasta. Guess I should ask the proprietors of these eateries for a royalty😀. I told her to roam the ‘Badi Chaupad and Chhoti Chaupad’ on foot and visit Chokhi Dhani to get a taste of Rajasthan. There was another co passenger, who was listening to us and was nodding in agreement. Not able to contain himself any longer, he too chipped in and spoke eloquently about the Saras Parlours of Jaipur. We had a good time exchanging notes.
I remember some more co travellers whom I met on various journeys. But there was this man whom Shubham met on his solo trip to Dehradun. He was much impressed by Shubham’s knowledge of computers when he was just out of his seventh grade. He asked Shubham who taught him all about computers and Shubham proudly told that he had learnt it all by himself. He further probed and came to know that Abhay was instrumental in developing Shubham’s interest in computers. And then he asked him if he had ever thanked his father for teaching him to learn on his own.
I remember the locksmiths from Aligarh, whom we met on our train to Delhi. They regaled us with stories about lockbreakers and all about different and unique locks and keys on our journey. Once there was a ‘Sadhu Baba’, who was travelling with his rich disciple. The ‘Baba’ didn’t eat outside food while travelling and kept devouring milk and fruits through the duration of our journey. Speaking of ‘Babas’ there was this another ‘Baba’ whom my grandfather met on one of his train travels. He begged for alms to smoke a chillum. My grandfather refused, saying that charity should be performed for the deserving. The ‘Baba’ asked rather sagely, “Who are you to decide whether I am deserving or not?” He rendered my grandfather speechless and was quietly given some change. I remember the uncle we met on our return from Kolkata. We started with an argument and ended up being friends and hugged before departing. Also, the magician who made a coin disappear in front of Shubham and whose coin Shubham took and threw out of the window, saying he too could do the same act😁.
As I write this post at the airport, the lady next to me is lamenting about the flight she missed the day before. Missed flights and trains are an another experience. My sister has missed her flight and I have missed a train, and my flight twice in a row. Guess we can have an another post on the missed flights. So, that’s all for now as I’m being called to board the flight ‘On Time.’

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  1. Vandana says:

    Very good post shruti. Travelling is a great way to instrospect ,observe life.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Vandana! And yes it’s the best way to understand people.


  2. Aparna Nagda says:

    You must have missed flights and trains but you never miss enlighting and entertaining us every week.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Very sweet of you to say so. It is these encouragingly comments that make me write week after week.


  3. tanujadarkar says:

    One of the best blogs ever read
    It inspires me to be a blogger

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So sweet of you to say so. Thank you very much.


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