In the friend zone

I totally agree with Airtel’s tagline, “Har ek friend zaroori hota hai!” True, friends add a very special dimension to our personalities. There are friends who are just friends, more than friends, are family, more than family and then there are those who mean everything to you. But each of them is important, because they mean different things at different points of time. At the age where I am, friends are a way to escape into your childhood and also to dive into the happy memories pool. I dedicate today’s post to each of my friend who has stood by me through thick and thin and has suffered me lovingly and willingly over the years.
I remember Shubham’s first day of school. He had returned home very angry because I’d told him that he will find many friends in school and all that he had found were lots of children his age who were either crying, or sulking or chattering to their heart’s content. Little did he know then that it takes a lot of effort, nurturing and a willingness to build a strong friendship.
I’ve been lucky in the matter of friends. People have given me their love and friendship without asking for anything in return. I, on the other hand have only been receiving and receiving more. There are friends I’m still in contact with and then there are those whom I’ve lost touch with but remember fondly. There are friendships that started with a fight and there are friends who keep the fighting spirit in me alive. Friends who keep crossing swords with me and prefer being my enemy but stand by me when I’m faced with adversity. Friends from school, college, work place, Inner Wheel and students who have grown up to be friends now.
Thank you very much to each one of you, my friends! For accepting me as I am, for your love and generosity, for the lessons you have taught, for the shared moments and experiences, for being there for me and most of all for giving me your friendship. You all are valued much. Happy Friendship Day! (in advance)

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